Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Season Finale

Last week, I wrote about my obsession with season finales.  As the spring television season comes to a close, I felt it appropriate to prepare a JA Greetings season finale for my devoted readers.  Surprise, intrigue, and drama await!

Previously on JA Greetings's Greetings from the Edge of Reason....
Ashley and Jamie set out to create a thoughtfully-snarky greeting card company for the masses.  Our brave heroines faced the perils of inexperience, a failing economy, and 18 other weekly villains.  Yet they bravely soldiered on in their quest for biting humor and financial solvency.

The Story Continues....
The day began like any other.  Jamie called Ashley to discuss the details of upcoming projects and set timelines for project completion.  "Now that the graduation card has been posted in our shop, it's time to start looking at the next friendship/encouragement card.  Could you have some some drawings ready for me to review next week?" Jamie asked.  
    "I think I can manage that," Ashley replied.  

Ashley sat at her kitchen table furiously sketching images for the new card.  As she fell into the world developing on her paper, she failed to hear the wind furiously howling around the house.  The sky grew darker and darker, and soon lightning flashed all around.  She remained oblivious to the storm until a particularly loud clap of thunder caused Jack to cry out in terror.  Just as she put her pencils down to pick up her crying toddler, they were both engulfed in darkness.  A large black chestnut tree came crashing through the sliding glass door, nearly smashing the two.  Ashley shielded Jack from the flying glass with her body.  Jack was unharmed, but terribly frightened.  Ashley, however, was covered in cuts and broken glass.

Two weeks later, Ashley's home was almost back to normal.  The sliding glass door had been replaced, and the only reminders of that harrowing night were the missing tree in the yard and the faint scars on her arms.  Something was amiss, however.  Jack experienced terrible nightmares on a regular basis and behaved very petulantly during his waking hours.  Ashley grew listless and unfocused, and she rarely attempted to draw.  

Jamie was concerned about her sister and nephew.  She called to check on them every day and visited several times a week.  She did her best to comfort them in the wake of their traumatic ordeal, trying to coax them into re-entering their pre-storm routines.  She had little effect.  As the weeks stretched into months, she became offended that her obviously awesome acts of kindness did not receive the response she felt they deserved.  She also grew frustrated that Ashley was not producing any new cards.  Finally, she decided it was time to address the issue directly.
    "Ashley, I know you haven't been feeling great lately, but I really need you to draw the cards we discussed."
    "Oh, okay.  Right.  When do you want them?" Ashley asked.
    "As soon as possible.  I asked for them over a month ago."
     "Okay, I remember now.  It's just that my arm still hurts from when the tree crashed through the window.  And every time I sit down to draw, Jack starts screaming."
    "I don't care!" Jamie exploded.  "You've been giving these same excuses for weeks now, and I'm sick of it!  Do you not realize that we're broke?  And we're going to stay broke unless you can give me some cards to sell!"
    "I'm trying, Jamie.  It's just..."
    "Enough!  I'm not listening to this anymore.  If you don't have what it takes to be a part of this business, then I'll find an artist who does!"
And with that, Jamie stomped out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her.  Ashley sank to the couch and dissolved into tears.  
    Little did either sister know that during their fight, young Jack had walked out of the apartment and started a dangerous journey of his own.

What will happen next?  Will the sisters make up and make a go of their business?  Will Jack make it home safely?  Tune into the Summer Season Premier to find out!

***This story is not based on actual events.***

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